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About the Program...

The PesaPata affiliate program is an initiative designed to offer a partnership opportunity for individuals to venture into peer-to peer-based lending without the hassle but with all the benefits related to earnings.


Through the program, individuals make a minimum placement of kes.1000 (no maximum amount is applicable) which is invested in the peer-to-peer lending program from which revenues generated are shared with the individual at a monthly rate of 5% of the amount placed for a period of up to 12 months. The amount under placement by the individual is redeemable but only after 12 months (1 year) from the date of placement.

How to Enroll for the Program

To participate in the PesaPata affiliate program you require to Dial the USSD *660*101# and follow the prompts to enroll 

How the affiliate program compares to existing investment vehicles

As compared to other existing peer-to-peer investment vehicles, the affiliate program has the following to offer... 

Pesapata Affiliate Program
269 / Tujenge Platform
Pesapata App Platform
Monthly Earnings
Lending process Initiation
Investment duration
1 year renewable
7 years
User dependent
Personal debt recovery follow-up
Operational platform
Credit risk
Ease of client acquisition
Initial capital redeemable
Share of revenue generated
Registration /subscription fee applicable

Credit and other related risks

Credit Risk

Due to the nature of digital microloans, lenders are exposed to inherent credit risks that may adversely impact their capital placements. However, on the Pesapata affiliate program, individuals are assured of a 5% monthly earning on placements made on the platform.

Other Related Risks

Pesapata affiliate program holds placements made by individuals separately from its operational funds. This protects placements made by individuals in the event that the pesapata affiliate program is no longer a going concern, from creditors and other claims.

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